About Boost Your Business

” Hi there, I’m Bridget, digital marketing consultant, and owner at Boost Your Business.”

The team here can help you by putting your business in front of more people, then position you as the expert in your field, so people will want to buy from you and not your competitors.

Our business is to help you get more clients through your door so you can generate more sales and make more money and we like to start our 3 step process by getting to know you better and learn more about your business.

We provide a range of marketing, services as well as done-for-you Facebook content and training packages to promote your business both ONLINE and OFFLINE. We include offline elements in some cases, as we understand ‘local’ businesses in particular still require the offline aspect even in this internet driven world we now live in!

Once we establish we can indeed help you, we undertake an in-depth analysis to look at what you are currently doing both online and offline and provide you with a marketing acceleration plan to suit you, your business and your budget.

We know you are busy working in your business, so we provide a full range of ‘Done For You’ options, to implement the suggestions. If however, you have someone or a team in-house, we also offer a range of training services and support to help you implement the changes required to help you dominate your market.

We provide advice, training & managed services for:
  • Facebook Content – Done For You Packages
  • Facebook Training – groups and personal
  • Facebook Advertising – done for you and training
  • Affordable Mobile Business apps customised for your business
  • Website development & visibility
  • Corporate identity – Logo, business cards, branding packages
  • Marketing Profit Plans – with an assessment of your current situation
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Google visibility
  • Video Marketing, optimisation and advertising
  • Digital Product development and production
  • Training
  • Social Media Marketing packages

more about Bridget

Having come from a background of family and ‘local business’ and working in a number of industries over the years, it became apparent to Bridget that learning how to market a business properly is a vital part of business longevity and success.

Bridget searched the globe and hand-picked some of the best tutors to study with. She got the opportunity to study with top Internet Marketing Millionaire, Simon Coulson and subsequently graduated from the Internet Business School, UK in 2009. Thereafter she was invited to create training material for the Internet Business School, and they continue to be a valued client as we manage a section of their online hub.

Bridget also studied with other globally recognized marketing experts such as Kerwin Rae, Australia, Daniel Wagner, UK and in 2012 – 2013 graduated from the Social Marketing Guild, US as one of 95 elite individuals from around the globe. After extensive training focused on both online and offline best practices, Bridget continues to stay up to date with current proven marketing strategies from her mentors.

Bridget is driven by a passion to help business owners get more exposure for their business, help the business stand out from the crowd so people will want to buy from you and not your competition.

How we can help today …

Bridget offers a FREE 20-minute phone / Skype consultation to hear more about your business. Bridget will talk to you about your current challenges and your objectives.

From there she will know if we can be of assistance to you or not, and if not we would point you in the right direction. No obligation, we’re here to help, schedule your call with Bridget today. We hope to get the opportunity to help you succeed.

Free Profit Plan Call

Our Process

Our goals are directly related to your results
  • Get to know you

  • Analysis of your current marketing efforts and platforms

  • Design a Marketing Profit Plan to suit you

  • Monitor, Improve & Plan for your future