Video Marketing - why you need to take it seriously

Mobile Video consumption is growing by 100% every year … according to YouTube

Video marketing is the future of content and the key to getting more exposure for your business online.  Combining video and live video with social media marketing is the fastest way to get more exposure and generate interest in your business.

Video is projected to be responsible for + 80% of ALL web traffic by 2019

  1. 64% of people are more likely to purchase after watching video
  2. A THIRD of time people spend online is spent watching videos
  3. Video ads account for more than 35% of online ad spending
  4. More than 500 million people watch video on FB every day
  5. Live videos are watched more than 3x times longer 
  6. Search engines prioritize website with video content
  7. People recall video more readily than text or images

Think your business isn’t suited to video marketing?

A lot of ‘local’ business owners think their business isn’t suited to video, or they don’t want to be on camera themselves so they steer clear of video marketing. This, of course, is not true… we can create videos from still images, so you don’t have to be on camera, or we can use powerpoint slides depending on the objective of the video and the nature of the business. Take a look at some simple video samples below we have used successfully in marketing campaigns for some of our clients.

Business Overview  – Trailer Style

We created this video to showcase a number of services offered by our client – a group fitness instructor. The video showcases a variety of exercise classes on offer and was part of a very successful Facebook marketing campaign to fill his classes. Video recording services available – enquire for details.

Product Promo – using still images

This video was created using still images taken by our client on a mobile phone. They sent us the images and we did the rest! The video was part of a new service launch and generated a number of leads AND sales on the first day of the campaign.

‘How To’ Videos – Pre Recorded

‘How To’ videos are one of the most popular types of content being watched online. Video platforms such as YouTube have millions of ‘how-to’ style tutorials and more and more being uploaded on a daily basis. Consider how you could apply this strategy to your business as almost every business can use the ‘How-to’ strategy to gain credibility with their audience.

Facebook Live – Generates Curiosity

There are so many ways you can use this strategy to get more exposure and generate curiosity for your business. Live events or using Facebook Live as seen here, means you can broadcast live anytime you want, then download the video file afterwards to edit or add a call to action captions and repurpose the content again for even more exposure.

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The Benefits of video marketing

Local Fame
Video is the fastest way to stand out from other local competitors
SEO value
Search engines give priority to websites with video content
Conversion Optimization
Video can increase the conversion percentage of visitors into customers
Competitive Edge
Video marketing builds brand awareness … FAST
Video Appeals
Video-based content creates content that attracts attention
Link Building
Let search engines know about your website
Million People

watch video on Facebook everyday!


are watched on YouTube every single day !


watched with the sound turned down or off completely – so text overlay on videos is important